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Which lawnmower is right for you?

The foundations for a great lawn

To achieve the "look of satisfaction" for your lawn, you can be assured we have the right selection for you. From an electric lawnmower for a small terrace garden to petrol lawnmowers for larger lawns and even machines to suit townhouse complexes, plot owners and garden services.

Manufactured and owned in South Africa ensures excellent quality for products designed for African grasses and conditions.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!

The ideal cutting height

Most African type grasses are of the "runner" species which are generally hardier and cope better under our climatic conditions. However, they need to be cut short to avoid thatching which shields the roots and stems from the ultra violet rays of the sun thus prohibiting good growth. The lower you keep the grass cut, the more you will promote healthy growth. Raise your height of cut only prior to the winter in order to protect the roots and stems from cold and frost. Ideally keep your grass cut as low as 10 -25mm. Ensure the cutting of the grass is always with a sharp blade/s to avoid fraying the leaves which turn brown and also offer opportunities for diseases to be able to penetrate the grass. In addition, the grass blades lose a relatively large amount of water because of ragged cutting, a serious disadvantage especially in dry periods. Ensure your blade/s are always sharp. Replace regularly with the genuine part/s for safety reasons, as coupled with the technology of the mower design, the more easily and more meticulously you will manage your mowing.

Preference for Petrol or Electric

When using an electric lawnmower which is not supplied with a cable, please note the following permissible extension lengths which is governed by law as stipulated by the SABS:

  • 1800 watt and 2200 watt motors draw 10 amps (at full load). Use only 10 amp or 16 amp cables as follows:
    • (a) Maximum 25 metres x 1,0 mm² cable or ;
    • (b) Maximum 35 metres x 1,5 mm² cable
  • 2600 watt and 3000 watt motors draw 16 amps (at full load). Use only 16 amp or 25 amp cables as follows:
    • (a) Maximum 35 metres x 1,5 mm² cable or ;
    • (b) Maximum 60 metres x 2,5 mm² cable

For identification, the specification should be marked on the cable and/or the packaging when sold loose.

Lawn size, lawn type & gradient (slope)

The lawn size will determine the width of cut and/or power required for your needs, price of the product does not determine this point if you are seeking quality and reliability. Simply deduct the approximate area of your house, outbuildings and pool to determine how much lawn there is. The power rating of the electric motor or petrol engine (refer Lawnmower range), will determine your requirement. Because South Africa has such a varied range of lawn grasses and weather patterns, a well developed design, proven and tested locally over decades such as with Rolux, will cope with all conditions, resulting in an even cut of grass by lifting, cutting and filling the grassbox to capacity thereby allowing fewer stops to empty the grassbox and eliminating mowing fatigue.Gradient (slope) is important. You must be able to mow sideways on the slope without falling over, normally a maximum of 30°. NEVER mow up and down on a slope as you could fall over going backwards and cause injury. Electrics are more suitable for slopes as they are lighter than petrol units. The motor will also stop in 3 seconds should you fall and release the switch.

Frequency of mowing:

Here again this depends on your grass type and weather pattern or frequency of watering. If you want the ultimate look with the least possible effort, then mow a minimum of once a week, preferably twice, and keep your height of cut as low as 10 to 25 mm dependant on conditions. If your blade/s are kept sharp and in good condition, you will reap the benefit of a good looking lawn with little effort and fatigue. Keep your height of cut constant through the cutting season and raise only a month or two before the winter in order to develop a mat as protection against cold and frost.

* NB: Our South African manufactured lawnmowers are designed to cut down to 10mm which is vital for our South African grasses such as Kikuyu and Buffalo (runner type) lawns. Some imported lawnmowers are designed for overseas fine grasses and the minimum cutting height starts at

25mm which is not low enough for South African lawns